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Produce Strong & Effective Plastic Products like PP Reprocessed Plastic Granules, Reprocessed Plastic Granules, PP Plastic Granules Using Our Lightweight Granules.

About Us

Recycling of plastic products is crucial as it betters environment condition by reducing wastage in landfills. Contributing little in bettering environment condition is our company, Sonia Plastic. We are doing the same by working as a manufacturer and processing granules of used plastic items. A large variety of plastic items are sourced from plastic collection, grading and sorting companies for producing Dark Blue PP Reprocessed Plastic Granules, Natural PP Reprocessed Plastic Granules, Plastic Reprocessed Granules, etc. We have green, red, blue, white, purple and many other colors of granules. These granules are free from all types of impurities such as labels, inks and more. Processed granules in standard to exotic colors and regular sizes can be availed in required quantities from our company. Toys, kitchen items, promotional items and other products manufacturing companies trust us for availing granules. 
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Our Team: Our Strength 

Teamwork improves a companys position in the list of the best production companies. The position of our company is steadily improving in the industry because of coordinated working of our experts. Greatest asset to our company, our employees come from different backgrounds but work together as one team with complete professionalism and mutual respect. Based on each individuals strength and capability, we assign work to our team members. Each individual at our company take responsibility of their work and achieve organizational goals in no time. 

Quality Promise 

We, since the year 2000, have been promising as well as fulfilling our promise of making deliveries of quality built granules. Using plastic of different varieties and grades, we are producing granules in numerous colors. We assure for quality to each customer because we ensure no granule contains impurities and ensures 100% effective results. On dimension, strength and a few other factors, we test our entire array and further after testing, we pack these in standard quantities. 

Reasons to Choose Us
  • We deliver unmatched quality Dark Blue PP Reprocessed Plastic Granules, Natural PP Reprocessed Plastic Granules, etc., to customers.
  • We take orders of all sizes and quantities and ensure customers get not only the best products but authentic information from our end too.
  • We charge industry best prices for all types of granules.